• "Larry Miller is, was, and will always be the funniest guy I know."

    "I love this man. And you will love this book."

    image Jerry Seinfeld
  • "There are some comedians who, by their very presence, can make you funnier."

    "I don't know any comedian who hasn't left the table after talking to Larry Miller with more material than they came with. Larry is a raconter and story teller of the first order, and it's fun to finally see in print some of the stories he's entertained us with for years."

    image Jay Leno
  • "Larry Miller is so funny and writes so brillianty..."

    "that -no kidding-a few pages in, you will forget why you brought it into the bathroom in the first place."

    image Paul Reiser
  • "If you read only one book this year, this is the one."

    "Unless of course, you haven't read Moby Dick. ore The Great Gatsby. Or Hotel. But none of them will make you laugh like Larry Miller will make you laugh."

    image Bill Maher
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